To get the ball rolling out there, I want to hear stories from everyone about what it was like to get started on your own. Assuming you’ve either tried or still run your own company / agency – I want to know what that experience was like. What happened on Day 1? Did you sit at home and cry, confused as to how to proceed? Did you start cold calling? Registering your business? Building your own website? Taking out a business loan or upping your credit card limit before the car companies realized you no longer had stable income?

working alone

There are many things people do on Day 1. A lot of people get into agency work because they had a client or saw a need and branched out on their own. People often take one or two clients with them when this happens, which provides a bit of cushion in the beginning. The danger is it can act as a crutch. You start Day 1 completing projects, working in the business, not on the business. It’s hard to start prospecting and filling that sales funnel this way.

What did you do? Did any of this sound familiar? Was yours any different? Please comment and let us know!

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